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Piano Summer Salento 2021

We are happy to support the Piano Summer Salento, first edition, marvelous initiative taking place in European cities, in Salento and in Nardò!

Piano Summer Salento is a festival for piano music which will take place for the first time this year in Salento. It is part of the European initiative “Piano Summer”, founded by Zoran Imširović and is organized by Associazione Musicale Piano Summer Salento, which has as its aims to promote piano music, cultural exchange and the architectonical and natural heritage of the Salento region.

With five concerts between August 26th and September 3rd in the Chiostro dei Carmelitani in Nardò and the Castello di Depressa, the inaugural season, despite being reduced from its original format, will bring a select program of piano music performed by internationally renowned artists to you.
The concerts will take place in open air venues respecting the sanitary requirements in place.
Due to Covid, places are restricted.

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