NARDÒSALENTO is a collection of boutique rental apartments in the beautiful Baroque town of Nardò. Nardò is located in Salento, Puglia’s southern tip. Here you’re never far from crystal-clear seas. Thirty miles to the east, the sun rises over the Adriatic Sea. While five miles to the west, the sun sets on the Ionian Sea. You’re not far from Lecce, Gallipoli and Otranto. Welcome to Nardòsalento.

A must read on Salento in The Guardian : “Unspoilt Italy: fall head over heel for Puglia’s Salento region”.






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Travel guide to…Gourmet Italy

Dans l’Independent, en association avec Lonely Planet, Sarah Barrell nous fait découvrir un merveilleux parcours gastronomique en Italie, sans oublier le Salento et sa “cucina povera”! Independent : “Travel guide to…Gourmet Italy”