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Congratulating the opening of Palazzo Tafuri Boutique Hotel!

A charming design Boutique Hotel just opened in the old town of Nardò (close to Lecce) this summer. We are happy to welcome Palazzo Tafuri Boutique Hotel! Would you be looking for a relaxing retreat with all the comforts of a luxury boutique hotel, with fine cuisine restaurant, a bar, a Spa, this is certainly the place we would recommend for your next stay in Salento. More information here Palazzo Tafuri Boutique Hotel.

Palazzo Tafuri Restaurant Boutique Hotel Nardò Lecce Salento Puglia

piano summer festival

Piano Summer Salento 2021

We are happy to support the Piano Summer Salento, first edition, marvelous initiative taking place in European cities, in Salento and in Nardò!

Piano Summer Salento is a festival for piano music which will take place for the first time this year in Salento. It is part of the European initiative “Piano Summer”, founded by Zoran Imširović and is organized by Associazione Musicale Piano Summer Salento, which has as its aims to promote piano music, cultural exchange and the architectonical and natural heritage of the Salento region.

With five concerts between August 26th and September 3rd in the Chiostro dei Carmelitani in Nardò and the Castello di Depressa, the inaugural season, despite being reduced from its original format, will bring a select program of piano music performed by internationally renowned artists to you.
The concerts will take place in open air venues respecting the sanitary requirements in place.
Due to Covid, places are restricted.

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Virtual tour of La Corte

Discover La Corte through a virtual tour.
Walk through the property for about a minute and capture the essence of it.
Many thanks to Michael who realized this video with a lot of passion.

Geo Saison 1 2019 Puglia Salento Nardò

Geo Season 1/2019 praises Puglia and Salento.

Very nice article about Puglia and Salento (one needs to master German though). We are happy to be mentioned in the best tips and addresses, so are keen to tell.  Annette Rübesamen: “Apulien sei die neue Toskana, hört man immer wieder: Jede Menge Olivenöl und Wein, rustikale Küche, hübsche Städtchen und die schönsten Immobilien”, or in English “Apulia is the new Tuscany, we hear saying over and over again: lot’s of olive oil and wine, rustic cuisine, lovely towns and beautiful properties”. And much more!

Torre colimena Salento Puglia perfect beach destination

Why Puglia is a perfect Italy beach destination (CNN Travel)

A refreshing update on some of Puglia’s best beach destinations on CNN travel, mentioning Gallipoli and Porto Selvaggio (that’s actually Nardò!) on the Ionian coastline. We certainly would add Punta della Suina and Baia Verde south of Galipolli, and Torre Colimena north of Nardò, where a small wooden path brings you to an amazing sandy beach surrounded by dunes and a salt lake “Salina dei Monaci” attracting flocks of Flamingos. Every season has it’s magic.

cultural events guided tours Corti aperte palazzi

Corti Aperte in Nardò old town

Long live Corti Aperte! A fascinating walk throughout the old town of Nardò exploring it’s most important palaces and noble residences, lined with concerts and shows in the spectacular private courtyards exceptionally open to the public. First edition this Sunday, June 11, 2018. If you are currently in Salento, don’t miss it! Otherwise let’s plan for the next year’s enriched edition!

More : dimorestoricheneretine or contact us.

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A selection of cultural events this season

From April 9 to 14 in Lecce, 19th edition of the European Film Festival
Not to be missed, from 4 to 9 July 2018 in Scorrano (Lecce), The Night of Lights
Jazz Festival in Lecce end July 2018 (further information will be published)
La Ghironda , arts and culture festival in Ostuni (Brindisi) from 28 to 30 July 2018
Gastronomy Festival , from 1. until August 5, 2018 in Maglie (Lecce)
For lovers of the medieval genre, from 11 to 12 August in Oria (Brindisi)
The Historical Parade of Frederick II and the Joust of the Boroughs
In Melpignano (Lecce), on August 25, 2018, the famous Night of the Taranta
In Tricase (Lecce), from 1 to 10 September 2018, the Salento International Film Festival