Torre Colimena Puglia Salento beach destination CNN

Why Puglia is a perfect Italy beach destination (CNN Travel)

A refreshing update on some of Puglia’s best beach destinations on CNN travel, mentioning Gallipoli and Porto Selvaggio (that’s actually Nardò!) on the Ionian coastline. We certainly would add Punta della Suina and Baia Verde south of Galipolli, and Torre Colimena north of Nardò, where a small wooden path brings you to an amazing sandy beach surrounded by dunes and a salt lake „Salina dei Monaci“ attracting flocks of Flamingos. Every season has it’s magic.

Stolz und dankbar in Lonely Planet erwähnt zu werden

Stolz und dankbar in den Danksagungen der preisgekrönten Reisejournalistin Sarah Barrell in Lonely Planets „Italy from the source“ erwähnt zu werden – authentische Rezepte von Leuten die sie am besten kennen.